Mickey Lynch- Associate Director, Commercial Marketing, Pharmaceutical Company

Author: Out Of The Blue Productions |

When I think of Ron, I think of him less of as not only an extremely talented filmmaker but more also as an amazing storyteller.

Ron immerses himself into his subjects, creating strong, empathetic characters — built on real human emotion and drama. The end results are powerful — words and imagery that stick with you long after the show is over.

Whether it’s shooting actors in a studio, or an immersion into the life/environment of “real people,” Ron and his network of incredibly creative colleagues weave together a glorious end result.

And getting there is the easy part, from a client perspective. (Ron) He and Vikki are an amazing team, a duo that can be trusted to make magic happen from a production standpoint. Meeting deadlines, communicating constantly, and leaving no detail unexamined take an amazing amount of stress off of my shoulders.

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