Vikki Smith

Executive Producer

Out of the Blue Productions

Navigates easily between left and right brain

Everything Schitt’s Creek

Vikki Smith has mastered the art of being a good listener – and our clients have noticed.
They often tell us that Vikki is able to "get inside their head (in a good way) and this mind meld has truly helped to articulate their vision. Vikki has also mastered the more down to earth skill of maintaining budgets. That rare blend of right brain and left-brain lets our team push the creative possibilities of a project while still staying within budget. This keeps our clients happy and returning.

“If you want something done, ask Vikki!!” We’ve heard that time and time again. “We admire the production know how and ingenuity she brings to every OOTB production.”

We all appreciate the years (and years) of experience and good humor Vikki brings to every project. Her ability to navigate the challenges of healthcare production = stress levels going down and shoots running smoother. Her personal commitment to the world of healthcare is always in plain sight. The result is evident is the authenticity of our storytelling and the OOTB “special sauce” you get with every production.

Vikki also enjoys her new challenge of practicing yoga and being the proud parent of a Lewis Katz School of Medicine student.