Author: Out Of The Blue Productions |

I think the world of you and your crew and you have/OOTB has consistently produced the highest quality and most comprehensive video content for me/us for over 20 years now. I’m your biggest fan and I would be happy to share my positive reviews with the world.

I have known Ron and Vicki for pretty much my entire life…well at least my whole career. I worked with them for 18 years while at Fox Chase and I have hired them multiple times here at Penn. They most recently produced the History of Penn Radiation Oncology video two years ago which was a huge hit. They also did the first proton video when we opened nine years ago and I hired them while I was still in marketing. I think they are the most talented producers of healthcare content around and I truly love working with them. Both are dear friends and I highly respect their creativity and work and most of all, they really know how to work in the healthcare space.

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